Arnold Janssen (PHIND) and Fleur Aalbrecht (Time to Hire) Most Influential Recruiters 2019


Huize Framkendael

Location of the #MIR2019 Award Event


Friday January 31st marked the day with the first real Award Event for the annual election of the Most Influential Recruiters of the Netherlands. Thanks to our sponsors Cammio, Carerix, Compagnon, Independent Recruiters, Talmark and WeAreKeen, who made this event possible.

What a ride it was with 5310 votes casted for the Public Awards, 34 nominees that accepted their nominations and 14 of them eventually competing for the Jury Awards. They had to answer 5 simple but tough questions using the Cammio video interview platform. Those answers were judged on quality by our jury, consisting of last year’s winner Monique de Jong, Recruiters United Chair Gusta Timmermans, Ronald van Driel, trainer at the Academie voor Arbeidsmarktcommunicatie and Artra’s Marketing & Content Manager, Marco Hendrikse.

Read all about the winners and the event in the section below

The event started at 4 PM in the afternoon and after an opening by initiator Bas Westland, the crowd was treated on an inspiring speech about “Influence” by Omar Kbiri, initiator of the famous VEED Awards and founder of MAAK, a creative agency, but aka as the guy who hussled himself into the private yet of Richard Branson.

At 5 PM it was time to start announcing the Awards, starting with the Public Awards. It was nearly a full day of work for the “notary” of the election, Rogier van der Meer, to eliminate all “fraudulent”, or should we say, “incomplete” votes. And no, we don’t count the vote of the office dog ;-) With some nominees scoring an incredible percentage of 45% invalid votes. But, as we know from previous years, usually the number of invalid votes doesn’t create a difference in the end. Tip from our notary, focus on “real” votes in the future. It will make your award way more valuable and it saves him a lot of time.

But let’s head for the results!

In the Talent category there was one person clearly in the lead from the beginning and she didn’t let go during the whole voting period: Daisy Pusceddu of Your Talent Recruitment, she had 663 votes casted of which 441 were valid. Still more than the numbers two and three in that category, Henke van Homoet of Time to Hire (279 valid votes out of 383) and Eva Jansen of Independent Recruiters (269 of 343 casted votes).

In the Interim category, Jeroen Botman of Time to Hire (again!) was in the lead as of the start with Niels Luyt of KickStart Recruitment as a good second. And although Jeroen only had 254 valid votes of the 457 casted, he still outnumbered Niels with 214 votes casted with Gihon van Maarsen in third with 130 votes casted.

The Public Award in the Agency category was a head to head battle between Milou van Regteren of Independent Recruiters and Paco de Heij of (there they are again Time to Hire), with Paco only able to pass Milou in the last couple of hours. And although only 540 of his 814 votes were valid, Paco still outnumbered Milou with 415 valid votes of the 533 casted for her.

We had a new Marketing category and one thing was clear, our winner Michiel Martens of De Selectie knows how to do Direct Marketing! Although only 587 votes of the 812 votes casted were valid, he still clearly outnumbered number two Eva Baluchova of Culture Builders, who had 247 votes casted and Jalal el Benhaji of FYGI, who had 220 votes casted.

And it will be no surprise that another Time to Hire recruiter has won both the overall Public Award as well as her category for Corporate Recruiter: Fleur Aalbrecht. She was the first to have over a 1000 votes casted in the election of which 777 turned out to be valid, enough to stay ahead of Michiel Martens with 649 valid votes out of 874 casted. Daisy Pusceddu was an impressive number three with 603 valid votes out of 841 casted.

The corporate category was led for a long time by Edgar Manuel of Peopleware, but he was also surpassed in the end by Fleur, who had 734 valid votes out of 1006 casted, where Edgar’s votes amounted to 371. Fehim Nizam of De Zorggroep made a great third with 213 votes casted.

The Public Awards were handed over to the winners by the sponsors of each category: Walter Hueber of Cammio handed over the Overall Public Award to Fleur Aalbrecht, followed by Olfertjan Niemeijer of Independent Recruiters who handed her the Public Corporate Award. Jeroen Botman received his Public Interim Award from Shiane Gambhirsingh of Compagnon, Mieke Middendorp of Carerix handed over the Public Agency Award to Paco de Heij and we played a video of WeAreKeen founder Doeke Geertsema to congratulate Daisy Pusceddu with her Talent Award. And our new Marketing Categroy Award was handed over by Talmark’s Ricardo Risamasu to Michiel Martens.

So how about the Jury Awards? Who convinced the Jury most in the Talent and Overall Categories? And what is that new award that was talked about?

In both categories Talent and Overall, the jury had a hard time to come to an agreement, who should be the winner of their award.

In the Talent Category, they quickly agreed on Eva Jansen of Independent Recruiters as the number three. But then, they had to debate for quite a while whether Daisy Pusceddu of Your Talent Recruitment should be the winner or Mariya Burkhanova of WeAreKeen. In the end they decided for Mariya as the winner and Ellen van Hierden, CEO of Artra, handed over the Award on behalf of jury member Marco Hendrikse, Marketing & Content Manager at Artra.

In the Overall Category, the jury was also quite united on the number three of the 6 nominees for this prize. The number three was Annicka van Erp of REEF. And again, there was a tough debate on who should be the winner: Fleur Aalbrecht or Arnold Janssen of PHIND. In the end the jury decided to appoint Arnold as the winner. Ronald van Driel, trainer at the Academie voor Arbeidsmarktcommunicatie handed over the award to Arnold, followed by Monique de Jong, winner of last year’s Jury Award to hand over the crown and the large frame to go with the Overall Jury Award.

But what about this third Jury Award? The jury decided that the quality of the nominees in the Recruitment Marketing Category was that good, that it deserved it’s own Jury Award. And again, they were quick to agree on Michiel Martens as the number three. The debate was about who should win: Tomas Haviar of Mollie or Jelmer Zuidema of Roadtrip. In the end Monique de Jong handed over this new Jury Award to Jelmer.

After the award ceremony Walter Hueber hosted a great “hat on hat off” (petje op, petje af) pub quiz to see who has the most trivial knowledge about recruitment and the election.

Bas closed off with a gift for all nominees, whether they had won an award or not: all of them will get free entrance to Emerce Recruitment on April 9th this year, as well as two tickets for the following R-Night, the recruitment party of the year.

We closed off with great drinks and are looking forward to next year’s event.

Interested in all results of the public votes? Click this link:

The tips and tops from the jury for the 14 Jury Award nominees, in random order:

Tomas Haviar:

– Focus on the most important trend. Do not try to cover all trends.
– Try to develop some more personal authentic ideas.
– Make sure that you’re understandable when you use video to communicate

– Very good to organize a workshop and discovering the heart and values of Mollie, so recruiting campagnes could be effectively set up.
– Great vision on recruitment
– Use of a consistent message and strong banners, great you show examples of the jobs to fill

Mariya Burkhanova:

– Try to be consistent when naming a trend. Name one trend and make it specific.
– You’re very client focusses, don’t forget about the candidate.
– Make sure that you’re understandable when you use video to communicate
– You’re very clear and focusses
– You’re very eager to learn. Very brave to alter the recruitment strategy of a client, actually prolonging the time to hire (but for a good cause!).
– You try to innovate to improve the quality of the match
– Great focus on unbiased recruitment

Esther Sancho:
– Try to limit yourself when naming a top trend, your biggest achievement or the biggest innovation.
– Try to be more specific on how you achieved your results
– Make sure that you’re understandable when you use video to communicate
– 99 percent of the hired candidates is after one year still working for Action. That is an amazing figure. Well done!
– You show clear results in numbers and quality

Daisy Pusceddu:
– Get to the core faster. You achieved a lot, but needed a lot of words to get to the achievement.
– Your examples can be more specific
– Very explicit and specific about the trend for 2020: candidate experience. Really focussing on this one.
– You have a good focus on the result: number of placements
– Great video

Jelmer Zuidema:
– Try not to focus only on the marketing side, but also on the recruitment side of your job
– We’d love to hear more about the future developments you see in recruitment
– It’s not only about the content, make sure you sparkle when you tell your story (you’ll be on stage at TA Live soon!)
– Jelmer is a real marketeer that achieves results that are directly related to his efforts.
– Your use of data to determine your strategy
– Great results: conversion up 21%, ad cost reduced with 44%

Carolien Manning:
– Try to quantify the results you’ve achieved
– Try to focus on the question at hand
– You mention a trend that really reflects the current day and age and really make a good case for it
– You make your job a real party, you clearly have fun doing it

Milou van Regteren:
– Try to be more specific when answering your questions
– Try to give examples
– You mentor and share knowledge with your junior colleagues
– You really focus on a realistic picture
– You have a cheerful and accessible style

Annicka van Erp:
– To become a MIR you will need to share your knowledge more outside of your organization
– Try to be a bit more innovative in your approach as well
– Try to beef up your presentation style a little
– You’re very much to the point, committed and accessible
– You’re a powerful lady with a passion for recruitment
– International view and you also get your knowledge from outside recruitment

Eva Jansen:
– Your answers are so short, that we miss the detail to be able to judge the quality of them
– You clearly mention an important trend in recruitment: unbiased recruitment

Sjamilla van der Tooren:
– Try to limit yourself to one innovation and make that specific
– Try to be specific about results that you’ve achieved
– Try to make the video a bit more dynamic
– You’re a great sourcer
– You shine at important events
– The way you share your knowledge with other recruiters in various ways, also by sharing the results of your own survey
– Great story, down to earth

Jeroen Botman:
– Try to be more specific about your biggest success
– Try to show a bit more of your innovative side
– You clearly help organizations where recruitment is still at the early stage of development
– Creating awareness at your clients for the importance and the extend of recruitment

Fleur Aalbrecht:
– Try to be more specific, limit yourself to mentioning one trend, result or innovation and make that really tangible
– Try to work more on developing your own vision on your profession

– 25 hires in recruitment in one year, impressive
– The way you collect and share your knowledge
– You do the right things and bring them with enthusiasm

Arnold Janssen:
– Go get that podium and share your knowledge outside your company
– Try to be a bit more specific in your answers

– You’re a refreshment for our profession, human and pleasantly stubborn
– You’re the most original and communicative recruiter in the election
– We like “Vette Vacature Vrijdag” and “Arnold gaat programmeren”
– You have a clear focus on your target audience
– You chose to walk off the beaten path and use concepts from outside recruitment

Michiel Martens:
– Try to be more specific about the trend you see in the recruitment market and the successes you’ve achieved
– You really create a good mix of means and channels to get succes and to stay top of mind in your target group

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