Vote for your candidate for the Most Influential Recruiter 2019 now!

Stem NU op jouw kandidaat voor de “Meest Invloedrijke Recruiter” van 2019 / Vote NOW for your candidate as the “Most Influential Recruiter” in 2019

Vote for your candidate for the Most Influential Recruiter 2019 now!


Since nominations for the “Most Influential Recruiter of 2019” commenced on 21 November last year during the Recruitment Tech Event, 60(!) candidates have been nominated, and to date 37 have accepted their nomination. At the moment we have 5 Agency Recruiters, 12 Corporate Recruiters, 9 Interim Recruiters, 5 Recruitment Marketeers and 6 Recruitment Talents. That’s way higher than in 2018, when 41 were nominated and 29 of these accepted. 16 of those nominated felt honoured but declined to take part. 5 are still thinking about it… and that’s why you won’t see them on the ballot form. We’re delighted with the 4 nominees for the new category of Recruitment Marketing. But we’re also very happy that we’ve succeeded in engaging the international recruiter community in the Netherlands: no less than 6 nominees originate from outside the Netherlands and are primarily English-speaking.

So that’s a great improvement. But we’ve also learned a lot from the new approach we introduced last year. We now give everyone the same amount of time to record their videos and we no longer allow nominees to send in their own videos. Everyone has to use the video interview platform. This way, the elections will be fairer. And we’ve also extended the time period (you could record video answers up until 16 January and you can cast your votes up until 29 January). On top of that, we now have a genuine Award Event thanks to our 6 sponsors (Cammio, Carerix, Compagnon, Independent Recruiters, Talmark and WeAreKeen). We figured that all the participants last year had taken so much trouble, that they really deserved one.

In 2018, Monique de Jong was chosen Most Influential Recruiter by the expert jury while Lina Kucinskaite was chosen Most Influential Recruitment Talent. In 2018, the Audience Prizes went to Michelle Thijssen (overall winner and winner in the Agency category), to Tessa de Jong in the Interim category, to Bryan Peereboom in the Corporate category and to Sven Zegers in the Talent category. The overall winners in previous years were Tamara Rood (2017 – Jury Prize) and Caspar Kipp (2017 – Audience Prize), Joris van den Beuken (2016)Koos Wurzer (2015)Rob van Elburg (2014)Britt van Capelleveen (2013)Nicole van Thoor (2012)Wesley Hendriks (2011)Kay Goedhardt (2010) and Roos van Vugt (2009). Who will be their successors in 2019? Who will you be voting for? Read how you can cast your votes here.

Maintaining a Distinction between Nomination and Election in 2019
Once again, we are making a distinction between nomination and election, so that the go ahead is the same for all candidates. We’ll be using SurveyMonkey again to analyse the results because it saves me and my loyal helper Rogier van Meer so much time when it comes to counting the votes. Once again you can only cast your vote via the vote buttons on the EmploIT site. But of course there’s nothing to stop you from announcing your preferences loud and clear on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #MIR2019, but the only votes that count will be the ones you cast on the blog. You can vote till midnight Wednesday 29 January 2020. We’ll be announcing the winners of the Jury Prizes and Audience Prizes during a special – invitation only – Award Event on Friday 31 January! So just like last year, we’ve got an Audience Prize and a Jury Prize. The jury consists of Gusta Timmermans (chairman of Recruiters United), Marco Hendrikse (Marketing & Content Manager at Artra, Monique de Jong (the 2018 winner) and Ronald van Driel (teacher in Recruitment at the Academy for Labour Market Communication, amongst other things).

Like last year, you can cast one vote “overall” and one vote per category (Agency, Corporate, Interim, Marketing, and Talent). This makes the voting procedure more fun and exciting. In the ballot form, you have to fill in your first name, surname, function and LinkedIn profile (or another online profile), so that we can eliminate all the duplicate votes. Warning: SurveyMonkey is designed so that it’s not possible to vote more than once on the same computer or device. If you do try that, you might lose your vote altogether. So: each vote on a separate device, if you want your vote to count! Be sure to let your network know that we will be checking very carefully for duplicate votes by the same person. If we discover any fraudulent practices, neither vote will be accepted. Additionally, any votes from individuals who leave incomplete information about who they are, or who don’t include a profile link, will be rendered invalid.

The Nominees
Below you can see an overview of all the nominees per category, including their motivation provided by the person or persons who nominated them. Want to vote straight away because you already know who’s going to get your vote? Then just click on the big vote buttons above or below this article. You can’t miss them ;-). Curious to know who the front runners are? Then click here or go to

See an overview of all the nominees here (but you can also see them on the ballot form).

I. Category: Corporate

corporate recruiter

  1. Fleur Aalbrecht (Time to Hire), check her video answers to the jury questions here
    Nominated by her colleague Sam Does: “After internal discussions on all the possible categories, it soon became clear that the only logical choice was Fleur. She’s enthusiastic, experienced, and has a passion for what she does. Almost all of us have our present function thanks to Fleur’s recruiting skills.”
  2. Vincent Abbenhuis (Supply Value) – Competing only for the Public Award
    Nominated by his manager Menno van Drunen: “Vincent is a passionate recruiter with a keen eye for the personal touch and for the result. He makes optimal use of his on- and offline networks to attract the best people for the job and the most loyal to our company. Additionally, Vincent has transformed the onboarding programme for our trainees into an induction week that will stick in their minds. His personal attention and genuine interest enable him to find the right people for the positions that are almost impossible to fill. Vincent stays true to himself and has made huge progress in a short space of time.”
  3. Sarah van Dorth (Xiphos) – Competing only for the Public Award
    Nominated by her colleague Jan Willem Schep:“What can I say about Sarah? Sarah has so much energy and exuberance that it’s as though she was dipped into a bowl of eternal optimism at birth! She knows how to motivate people and quickly appreciates what people are looking for in a job. She’s a keen team player and is always ready to help out, she’s charismatic and has a great sense of humour! Need I say more…?”
  4. Maaike Kistemaker (XLence) – Competing only for the Public Award
    Nominated by fellow-recruiter Robert Tinga: “One of the best operational Corporate recruiters ever! Knows how to get candidates to remain loyal to their company, how to represent an organisation’s best interests, and gets results in an extremely tough IT market!”
  5. Dounia Maakor (Bartosz) – Competing only for the Public Award
    Nominated by several people, including Hamida Yaya: “Dounia is not just a fantastic Corporate recruiter, she commits herself for the full 10000% in whatever she does. She’s a highly motivated speaker on authenticity and branding, and knows how to present everything in a clear and captivating manner. She’s both a caring and extremely intelligent person with a huge heart. In a very short amount of time, she has rapidly become an influential source of inspiration. She radiates positive energy and is immensely charming, and is able to get her point across effectively. She deserves this award more than anyone else I know!”
  6. Carolien Manning (Unigarant), check her video answers to the jury questions here
    Nominated by her colleague Joris Baving: “Creative influencer Best track record Fantastic colleague.”
  7. Edgar Manuel (Peopleware ICT Solutions) – Competing only for the Public Award
    Nominated by his colleague Pascal Arrachart: “Edgar has been a Corporate Recruiter at Peopleware for two years now and he has made a really positive impression on me. At Peopleware we are a broadly oriented IT company. Which means that Edgar is looking to fill a great many functions on an annual basis. For instance, in 2019 he filled almost 100 vacancies for Peopleware, resulting in a rise in the general level of knowledge in all our employees. Another thing Edgar excels in is that he doesn’t just study the CV, but focuses more on the individual behind the CV. There’s no one better at making the ideal match and he himself is an example for many! Edgar’s achievements have been truly fantastic and that’s why I would like to nominate him for the award for “Most Influential Recruiter of 2019.”
  8. Fehim Nizam (De Zorggroep) – Competing only for the Public Award
    Nominated by several people, including his colleague Cindy Geraets: “Fehim is a values-driven recruiter/recruitment adviser with tremendous empathetic skills. He’s a self-starter with a healthy dose of self-confidence. He’s open to taking on new knowledge and experiences and is respectful, fair and to-the-point in his communication. Fehim has refreshingly original ideas and can switch easily between operational, tactical and strategic levels. Additionally, Fehim is a fine colleague, and his sense of humour enables him to remain calm and set the right priorities even in the most hectic of moments.”
  9. Esther Sancho (Action), check her video answers to the jury questions here
    Nominated by her former colleague and fellow-nominee Gihon van Maarsen: “Despite the labour shortage in the IT market, Esther is able to continually fill the positions that are so difficult to fill. Her geographic location (“kop van Noord Holland”) combined with the state of the market makes her work extremely stressful. But she can handle that. Esther has the ideal source capacities and the talents to get candidates to start at Action.”
  10. Sebastiaan Petten (Tenzinger) – Competing only for the Public Award
    Nominated by his colleague Daniel van Os: “Thanks to the honest way he tells his story, Sebastiaan is able to provide a truthful and accurate picture of the company. A picture that’s not prettier than it actually is, so that you can get a good idea of what you can expect. People respond to this honesty with enthusiasm. An added bonus is that Sebastiaan has all the relevant facts and figures at his fingertips.”
  11. Ellen Wevers (Royal BAM Group) – Competing only for the Public Award
    Nominated by her colleague Thomas Hopman: “Ellen is a true hiring desk recruiter who knows all the ins and outs of the profession. Hard in business, soft on the relationship and the individual. Rapidly adapting to circumstances, convincing the internal organisation and rolling out the hiring process effectively are three areas she excels in. She is flexible and can respond quickly to both the operation side and the supplier side to achieve the goals that have been set.”

II. Category: Interim

interim recruiter

  1. Jeroen Botman (Time to Hire/Municipality of Delft), check his video answers to the jury questions here
    Nominated by several people, including his colleague Karan Hoeblal: “After holding our own mini-election at the office, Jeroen Botman came out top as our most influential recruiter. Which is why we take great pleasure in nominating our colleagues for this award! Jeroen is extremely enthusiastic and a highly experienced interim recruiter. I’m sure the municipality of Delft will agree (that’s where Jeroen has been commissioned to work as interim recruiter at the moment).”
  2. Loek Bueneker (Banenmakelaar/Dutch Chamber of Commerce) – Competing only for the Jury Award
    Nominated by his colleague Banu Özçelik: “Loek is a very competent recruiter and has already achieved a lot in the team!”
  3. Annicka van Erp (REEF/Kuehne + Nagel), check her video answers to the jury questions here
    Nominated by her colleague Ilona Voshaart: “Annicka is a recruiter with a passion for her work, with expertise in various target groups – IT, Supply Chain, Engineers, Finance, MT positions, but also the warehouse employee. Additionally, she is exceptionally good in stakeholder management and capable of overseeing the hiring manager, with the aim of achieving a common goal. On top of that, Annicka goes further than simply filling today’s positions. How to position a company, how to make sure a process is effective, or how to build a ‘Werkenbij’ site: Annicka does all this so well. And the most important thing is: Annicka is a wonderful person who always thinks along with you and is always prepared to go the extra mile!”
  4. Jesper Larsen (LevelUp Ventures/GeoPhy) – Competing only for the Jury Award
    Nominated by his fellow recruiter Sanne van den Maagedenverg: “Jesper is committed to the recruitment process and always ensures that his knowledge and expertise is up-to-date by visiting relevant events. In addition, he gives training courses as well as following courses himself to improve his skills. He has finished in the top 3 several times in sourcing contests together with his colleague Reggie Ebbe.”
  5. Niels Luyt (KickStart Recruitment/Terberg Totaal Installaties) – Competing only for the Public Award
    Nominated by fellow nominee Michiel Martens:“This year, Niels has taken the step from the agency side to the corporate side and in his first year as interim recruiter he has shown he has all it takes to succeed! Niels supervised me during my first successes within the recruitment business so that’s why I have no hesitation in nominating him!”
  6. Gihon van Maarsen (GN Consult/Action) – Competing only for the Public Award
    Nominated by fellow candidate(!) Thijs van Dijk: “Gihon is one of the few recruiters who really helps interim personnel to advance in their career. He thinks along with you, dares to search for you without knowing beforehand if he’ll succeed, and pulls in impressive assignments. On top of that, Gihon is someone who values the human side of his work and takes the time and effort to ensure good relations with his interim staff. A really fine person, intelligent, and one of the few recruiters who gives the interim contractor the feeling that it’s not just about the money or about filling the position. That’s why he fully deserves this nomination.”
  7. Sjamilla van der Tooren (SVDT Recruitment/Kramp Hub) – Competing only for the Jury Award, check her video answers to the jury questions here
    Nominated by several people, including fellow recruiter Michiel Wiersema: “Sjamilla is the best! The creativity she shows when looking for the right candidate is amazing! Just recently, I sat next to her for a whole morning, and I was astonished at how she made use of different channels to find someone suitable. She’s just started giving training courses and I can recommend any starter to follow her course. Go Sjamilla!”

III. Category: Agency

Agency Recruiter

  1. Bob van Es (Van Es Search) – Competing only for the Public Award
    Nominated by Gerben Busch: “With his background in communications, Bob has been the perfect intermediary between professionals and agencies for as long as I can remember. A man with a passion for the profession, and insight in market trends and opportunities. And not forgetting: ‘a chill dude’ (fine human being).”
  2. Paco de Heij (Time to Hire) – Competing only for the Public Award
    Nominated by colleague and fellow nominee Fleur Aalbrecht: “Paco is an amazingly fine recruiter who puts all his efforts into his work and is able to give that to everyone in his immediate environment. He’s always ready to meet challenges and makes a huge impact.”
  3. Arnold Janssen (PHIND) – Competing only for the Jury Award, check his video answers to the jury questions here
    Nominated by his colleague Esmee van de Kerkhof:“Arnold is a recruiter with a unique approach. For example, he prefers to colour outside the lines so that the end result is that much more exciting for the person involved. He’s enthusiastic and patient, and advises the candidate fairly and honestly. With his unique and personal approach, it’s always a lot of fun for a developer when they get to work with him. In addition to guiding candidates carefully through the procedure, he makes sure that the same thing happens with his partners. Isn’t it great when you’re recommended by other developers or companies come to you with the question: “Can you help me?”? That’s what happens all the time. He’s not only active via chat but also with his famous “Vette vacature vrijdag” [“Fantastic Friday vacancies”] films. He sells job vacancies via vlogs, in a witty and personal way. I would recommend a recruiter like Arnold to anyone.
  4. Edwin Klomp (ASBR) – Competing only for the Public Award
    Nominated by nobody less than Aaltje Vincent: “Edwin knows what works in the world of recruitment and selection: open days! This is what he did successfully for many incredibly satisfied clients, such as Zwolle Penitentiary, the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, and technology companies. During these open days, he recruits huge amounts of interested candidates within just a few weeks. Because his approach has been so successful, it has been rolled out across all penitentiaries. He has far exceeded the expectations of his clients. Just this week even, at Holshausen Clean Technology. I was there too, and although I’m not allowed to share any figures, I know what they were. He gained mentions in the (trade) media, for example just this week in the Dutch quality newspaper NRC, and 14 December, 2019 in the Dutch Financial Times (Financieele Dagblad). Open and informal open days ensure a better quality of self-selection by the job applicants (Does this job/employer match my personality and skills? Do I want to work here?). And that leads to better candidates during the formal process – for better job interviews and therefore better new colleagues. Edwin is fully aware of this and now his clients are too. They strongly recommend Edwin to other employers.”

IV. Category: Marketing

  1. Eva Baluchova (amongst others, Bridge/Culture Builders) – Competing only for the Public Award
  2. Jalal el Benhaji (FYGI/ACM Fleetforce) – Competing only for the Public Award
    Nominated by Interim MIR2018 Tessa de Jong: “Jalal is an extremely motivated sourcer. He has a tremendous amount of energy, courage and powers of conviction. His candidates and clients are always his top priority. With his experience, knowledge and expertise, he’s able to optimally advise organisations and is constantly implementing improvements in the recruitment process. Do you have a job vacancy that needs filling? Then Jalal’s your man. He’ll fill it in no time – guaranteed!
  3. Tomás Haviar (Mollie) – Competing only for the Jury Award, check his video answers to the jury questions here
    Nominated by his manager Ingeborg van Harten (have you got a moment?):
    “Tomáš joined Mollie in Jan 2019. Back then hardly anyone had heard of Mollie as employer. We only had 1,000 LinkedIn followers, no Instagram account, no Glassdoor account, no real employer appeal. We were struggling to get candidates for roles and were spending a small fortune on recruitment agencies. Fast forward 11 months: we have 7,100+ followers on LinkedIn, almost 1,100 followers on Instagram and we have people lining up to work for us. We can hardly handle the amount of applications coming in! Mollie has grown tremendously in 2019 with new Mollies. Our TA team (2 people) managed to hire 80 employees in 1 year, mainly on their own. How? By making sure Mollie became a talent magnet. Tomáš significantly improved our employer branding and has been instrumental in making Mollie the most attractive employer of Amsterdam. The best thing? It’s not standard stuff. It’s all a bit unique and authentic, just like Mollie. It’s a combination of quality and quantity, using almost every platform available to promote us in a fun way as employer. He initiated: 1.) Our LinkedIn page, which now has a lot of content; 2.) Glassdoor for Mollie (; 3.) Lifeatmollie Instagram page, where Mollies take over the account (; 4.) Mollies Culture Blog (; 5.) Revamped jobs site ( 6.) Professional Headshots for all employees!; 7.) I am Mollie campaign = each employee has been given the opportunity to write their own slogan, which includes one of our values (Passion, Honesty, Impact, Courage, Friendship). The words ‘I am’ are in the handwriting of that employee, making this a completely personalized banner. We’ve gone live with the banners today, which is why I waited to submit this nomination. Over the coming weeks, all Mollies will update their banners and images. Here are a few good examples: Gaston (CEO) – Hugo Prinse – Claire Hilbrink – Isabelle Giegling – Pietro Bongiovanni – And… have you seen this video? The result of all these efforts has been that we have grown and delivered a lot of impactful projects. It means we can actually scale more rapidly next year into multiple countries, because we are able to attract the right talent much easier now that we are known as employer of choice. I believe Tomáš has shown how you can build a brand, without too many resources or budget, by being creative and using teambuilding skills. He needed everyone in Mollie to be his champion and ambassador to make this type of branding work. He did this with so much enthusiasm that he convinced everyone internally, which resulted in us being very proud of our brand today. We believe Tomáš ROCKS!” 
  4. Michiel Martens (De Selectie), check his video answers to the jury questions here
    Nominated by his colleague Patricia van der Meij de Bie: “Michiel dreams of a world where job vacancies are a thing of the past. He shares his dream with his clients, making it theirs too – how? On the one hand by teaching his clients how they can fill a vacancy themselves and at the same time making a client aware of how they can prevent job vacancies from arising. By, for example, building a talent pool (Michiel refers to a pool as a source of talent); creating fantastic, fascinating content so that the candidate genuinely falls in love with a future employer; recruitment events; job marketing; teaching companies how to put themselves ‘in the picture’. Michel is disruptive, he doesn’t want to earn money from a vacancy (in other words, no Recruitment & Selection fee if a vacancy has already been filled). He ensures that the selection has already been made before the next vacancy has even arisen.”
  5. Jelmer Zuidema (Roadtrip/ – Competing only for the Jury Award, check his video answers to the jury questions here
    Nominated by his colleague Ivan Raykov:
    “When we first met, Jelmer presented himself as an online marketing specialist. Within a few hours of working together, I realised that he’s a lot more and there’s a job title yet to be invented for his multidisciplinary, conversion, optimisation and data-driven expertise. Jelmer knows how to take a brief and turn it into a strong online marketing campaign. What makes him truly special is that he will always remain focused on the goal of the campaign so he’ll optimise not only the targeting, ads and campaign setup – he will also question important website functionalities and optimise them in order to ensure that users convert easily. For him, marketing is not just about ads – it’s about the way people experience a brand. The best example that comes to my mind was when we briefed Jelmer to increase the amount of quality job applications of a certain hard-to-fill role. Within a day, Jelmer was running a successful social campaign that was producing impressive results. Soon after that, he had proactively identified several technical issues on our website and was working with different stakeholders to fix them. Solving those issues led to an even more impressive increase in our conversion rates. In the end, he achieved so much more than what we had asked – he didn’t just run a well-optimised campaign, he actually improved our website and the way our visitors experience our brand. This proactivity and solution-driven mindset make Jelmer a unique talent that will thrive in every team that wants to improve and achieve more. Apart from being able to connect the dots between multiple platforms and teams, he is also very talented in communicating problems and their solutions to people with different levels of technical/marketing awareness. This makes him a natural team player. The cherry on top is that he has a great sense of humour so it’s always fun working with him.”

V. Category: Talent

Recrutiment Talent

  1. Erwin Anemaat-de Bakker ( – Competing only for the Public Award
    Nominated by his manager Martin Kupers:“I nominate Erwin because he’s a rising star in the recruitment world, who is proving that you can achieve what’s necessary to become a Recruitment talent if you’re prepared to make the effort. Erwin makes the impossible possible. His sourcing knowledge is second to none. He’s also a true team player, a really nice guy, and gets on with all members of the team. Which is why I’m nominating him for a spot in the best of the Netherlands.”
  2. Mariya Burkhanova (WeAreKeen/WeConnect), check her video answers to the jury questions here
    Nominated by her manager Annemarie Sterk: “Mariya just has it all! She is very passionate about recruitment and has tons of ideas on how to do recruitment better and more efficiently. With less than two years of experience, she is designing and implementing the whole recruitment process and strategy for WeConnect and all its connected labels. And besides that, she also hires for key positions, which is essential for WeConnect in this growth phase. She is very eager to learn all about sourcing, stakeholder management, tech tools, etc. Her Social Talent activity is amazing, she’s our top learner! What I also love about Mariya is her proactivity! When we have a coaching session, she prepares everything thoroughly and knows exactly what she wants to get out of our meeting. And, even more important, she’s so much fun to work with!! Always showing interest, helping others, sharing knowledge and cracking jokes!
  3. Janieck Cohrs (Robert Half) – Competing only for the Public Award
    Nominated by Tom de Ruijter: “Janieck is new to the business. In his role as 360-degree consultant, he’s had a positive impact in the recruitment component. With his constant follow-ups, clear way of communicating and his “down-to-earth” mentality, he’s had a clear influence on the lives and careers of many candidates. He’s doing incredibly well, taking the initiative, and not being scared of colouring outside the lines. Just take a look at some of the films he’s made on LinkedIn post. You see them a lot these days in our branch but Janieck was one of the first to publish regularly.”
  4. Henke van Homoet (Time to Hire) – Competing only for the Public Award
    Nominated by his colleague Jurjen Haitsma: “Henke started with us as an intern and has returned as a recruitment specialist. He’s developing all the time and making enormous strides as a recruiter. He deserves a place in the spotlights.”
  5. Eva Jansen (Independent Recruiters), check her video answers to the jury questions here
    Nominated by her manager Olfertjan Niemeijer: “Eva combines her technical business administration study with an incredible feel for the right candidate in the right place. On top of that, she’s also able to make her colleagues even better.”
  6. Daisy Pusceddu (Your Talent Recruitment), check her video answers to the jury questions here
    Nominated by her manager Dennis Gerlings: “It was a massive step for Daisy to go from her previous established employer and come to us as a start-up, as she didn’t have an enormous database to work with. Her ambition to succeed and her passion for her profession is a pleasure to witness. Additionally, her biggest challenge was her first interim assignment at PVH, where she succeeded in achieving as many as 40 hires (staff) in just 4 months).”

Cast your vote using the buttons above. ATTENTION: You’re allowed to cast 6 votes – 1 overall vote and 1 per category (Agency, Corporate, Interim, Marketing, and Talent), but if you don’t know anyone in a specific category, just go on to the next category. Completed all the questions? Scroll right down past question 8 and click the “Stem indienen/Submit vote” button.

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