Arnold Janssen (PHIND) and Fleur Aalbrecht (Time to Hire) Most Influential Recruiters 2019


Huize Framkendael

Location of the #MIR2019 Award Event


Friday January 31st marked the day with the first real Award Event for the annual election of the Most Influential Recruiters of the Netherlands. Thanks to our sponsors Cammio, Carerix, Compagnon, Independent Recruiters, Talmark and WeAreKeen, who made this event possible.

What a ride it was with 5310 votes casted for the Public Awards, 34 nominees that accepted their nominations and 14 of them eventually competing for the Jury Awards. They had to answer 5 simple but tough questions using the Cammio video interview platform. Those answers were judged on quality by our jury, consisting of last year’s winner Monique de Jong, Recruiters United Chair Gusta Timmermans, Ronald van Driel, trainer at the Academie voor Arbeidsmarktcommunicatie and Artra’s Marketing & Content Manager, Marco Hendrikse.

Read all about the winners and the event in the section below

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Vote for your candidate for the Most Influential Recruiter 2019 now!

Stem NU op jouw kandidaat voor de “Meest Invloedrijke Recruiter” van 2019 / Vote NOW for your candidate as the “Most Influential Recruiter” in 2019

Vote for your candidate for the Most Influential Recruiter 2019 now!


Since nominations for the “Most Influential Recruiter of 2019” commenced on 21 November last year during the Recruitment Tech Event, 60(!) candidates have been nominated, and to date 37 have accepted their nomination. At the moment we have 5 Agency Recruiters, 12 Corporate Recruiters, 9 Interim Recruiters, 5 Recruitment Marketeers and 6 Recruitment Talents. That’s way higher than in 2018, when 41 were nominated and 29 of these accepted. 16 of those nominated felt honoured but declined to take part. 5 are still thinking about it… and that’s why you won’t see them on the ballot form. We’re delighted with the 4 nominees for the new category of Recruitment Marketing. But we’re also very happy that we’ve succeeded in engaging the international recruiter community in the Netherlands: no less than 6 nominees originate from outside the Netherlands and are primarily English-speaking.

So that’s a great improvement. But we’ve also learned a lot from the new approach we introduced last year. We now give everyone the same amount of time to record their videos and we no longer allow nominees to send in their own videos. Everyone has to use the video interview platform. This way, the elections will be fairer. And we’ve also extended the time period (you could record video answers up until 16 January and you can cast your votes up until 29 January). On top of that, we now have a genuine Award Event thanks to our 6 sponsors (Cammio, Carerix, Compagnon, Independent Recruiters, Talmark and WeAreKeen). We figured that all the participants last year had taken so much trouble, that they really deserved one.

In 2018, Monique de Jong was chosen Most Influential Recruiter by the expert jury while Lina Kucinskaite was chosen Most Influential Recruitment Talent. In 2018, the Audience Prizes went to Michelle Thijssen (overall winner and winner in the Agency category), to Tessa de Jong in the Interim category, to Bryan Peereboom in the Corporate category and to Sven Zegers in the Talent category. The overall winners in previous years were Tamara Rood (2017 – Jury Prize) and Caspar Kipp (2017 – Audience Prize), Joris van den Beuken (2016)Koos Wurzer (2015)Rob van Elburg (2014)Britt van Capelleveen (2013)Nicole van Thoor (2012)Wesley Hendriks (2011)Kay Goedhardt (2010) and Roos van Vugt (2009). Who will be their successors in 2019? Who will you be voting for? Read how you can cast your votes here.

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#123MobileDay – Ja, we hebben een award!

Kijk, dat heb je er nou van. Speel ik de reddende engel bij de presentatie van @coentunnel van Croon over hun prachtige game Connectro met mijn appeltje, kan ik er natuurlijk niet over bloggen. Maar dit filmpje zegt het helemaal.

En dan nu over naar de award ceremony voor de Mobiele Recruitment Award. Jacco V. (ook bekend als @jaccov) is Master of Ceremonies.

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